Interview: Govan Mbeki

An interview with Govan Mbeki one week after his release from Robben Island. He speaks about the future of South Africa.

TV news clips

A selection of news clips showing the state of South Africa in 1990

Before Dawn: Culture in another South Africa

The highlights of the "Culture in another South Africa" Conference held in Amsterdam in December 1987.

Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture

Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture on Disarmament and Development with speeches by Oliver Tambo and Allan Boesak.

ANC 2nd Youth Conference

The ANC 2nd consecutive Youth Conference in 1987.

ANC 2nd Women’s Conference

The ANC 2nd consecutive Women's Conference in 1987.

SOMAFCO Art Workshop

An art workshop at SOMAFCO, Tanzania in 1987.

Mazimbu: Behind the lines of a Liberation Movement

A clip from a documentary film about the Mazimbu - a small town built for ANC exiles that inludes the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College, daycare and medical facilities, a development centre for families to reside in, and many other projects.

Music Video: Amandla 86

A music video of the song Amandla in a studio with a band, singers and dancers.

South Africa 1985

Excerpts of speeches from the white apartheid regime and from its opponents.

South African Music of Protest

Defiance songs and music of protest were an important part of the struggle against apartheid.

Mazimbu: Outpost for a Liberated South Africa

Excerpts from a documentary film about the ANC boarding school in Tanzania: Mazimbu.

Ulibambe Lingashoni “Hold up the Sun”

Excerpt from the introductory episode in the series 'Hold up the sun', about the making of popular political resistance groups in South Africa.